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​​​​Children In Need (CIN)

​20 million school age children are out of school in South Asia (2 million only in Nepal)

We are working hard to meet our objectives utilizing limited resources so please help us financially or volunteer support. PLEASE ACT NOW

6.3 million children under age five died in 2013, nearly 17 000 every day 

An estimated 246 million children are engaged in child labour. Nearly 70 per cent (171 million) of these children work in hazardous conditions

​58 million children of primary school age (aged roughly 6 to 11 years) are out of school worldwide (UIS and EFA GMR,2014)

Our main focus is better education and healthcare for all children but we are not limited on this, we do everything that makes children life better.

Currently, we are running our programs in Nepal and Bangladesh where more than 5 million children are out of school due to poverty and/or illiterate parents. Hundreds of thousands children are not getting basic healthcare and thousands of them are dying every year.

As per recent UNICEF/UNESCO report, 56 million children will still be out of school in 2015 if the current trend continuous, a huge discrepancy from the Millennium Development Goal that intended to have every child complete a year of primary school by 2015.

We ask for high-quality, child-friendly basic education for all. Educated girls are more likely to marry later and have fewer children, who in turn will be more likely to survive and to be better nourished and educated. Educated women are more productive at home and better paid in the workplace, and more able to participate in social, economic and political decision-making.

About 6.3 million children under age five died in 2013, nearly 17,000 every day, 83% of deaths in children under age five are caused by infectious, neonatal or nutritional conditions (WHO).

Children In Need was established with it's primary motive to help children living in deprived community. It has been devoting its energy to help children who are living in poverty without education, healthcare or other basic human needs. We work internationally to help children and mainly in world's poorest and least developed countries like South Asia and Africa. 

Education, Better Healthcare and Shelter for all the children. No child should live in poverty and prevented from getting education and other basic needs. We work internationally to help children living in deprived community. No need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. We will devote the time and energy to help to those in need.