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​​​​Children In Need (CIN)

Financial hardship is one of the major issues which is restricting children to go to school in developing countries like Nepal. Nepal has more than two million children out of school due to financial hardship as their parents are unable to pay school fees. We people living in developed countries are very lucky that our kids are getting good education. So now it is our social responsibility to support those kids who can’t afford to pay their school fees.

Remember students have to pay school fees in Nepal even for the Government schools. Although as compared to developed countries, school fees in the government schools in Nepal is very low, still many people in Nepal (especially in remote village) couldn’t afford to pay school fees and other associated costs. Where it comes to survival challenge, parents want to send their kids for work rather than school (increasing child labour).

Children In Need is committed to support those children in Nepal who wants to go to school but their parents can’t afford to pay school fees. We are providing short-term, long-term, full or partial scholarships to the children depending on their financial status and school age.

Now we need your help to accomplish this challenging long-term goal. A SMALL CONTRIBUTION COULD CHANGE THE LIFE OF A CHILD so please act today and donate. If you can make recurring monthly donation, that will be very helpful.  

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Scholarship Program (Primary and High School Students) - Nepal