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​​​​Children In Need (CIN)

Schools damaged by Earthquake and students in front of damaged school (Sindhupalchok and Dolakha districts of Nepal)

Schools Rebuild Program - Nepal

Nepalese Schools Support – one million children are out of school due to recent earthquake
At least 1,500 schools were affected by recent massive earthquake in Nepal on 25 April (and subsequent aftershocks). 575 schools are completely flattened and others are partially damaged. It might take long to get these schools ready for the classes, particularly due to lack of fund with government and school itself. Most of these schools are in remote villages and they hardly have any resources to rebuild the school. Most of them also need temporary setup before they build-up the schools.
Almost one million children who were enrolled in school before the earthquake are now without school until the building is rebuilt.

Children In Need is raising funds for those schools which are destroyed by the earthquake. We aim to support to rebuild at least 10 schools and helping them for building construction, education materials and other necessary assets. Now we need your help to accomplish this project so that children in Nepal can go to the school again.